Are you looking for a new bat this year or a set of pads?  


If you have been looking for a new bat due to diminishing returns on your last wand (I know I have!!) you may have seen that bats now are really quite expensive and you can spend over £200 easily and then you have to knock it in for hours or pay extra for that to happen.

Well a couple of lads from Essex have had the same issue and have made sourced their own and it will cost only £97 (12/03/2022) + £5 p&p.  Full details of the one and only type of bat they have is below, now available in short and long handle. Their new series (2022) of pads are also excellent value for money and are very sturdy.  I can also confirm I have not seen any LBW's against the wearer in the matches I have been using them!!

✔️ Ready to play
✔️ Weight: 2lb 9oz
✔️ Short Handle (check out our long handle)
✔️ One shape & style
✔️ FREE bat case
✔️ Perfect for village cricket Weight: 2lb 9oz

I have added a link to their page below and it is an interesting and inspiring read for what can be done with a will and a way even in these times and also explains more about the type of bat. They are a really friendly start up that I have contacted about bats and we have now got an affiliation with them.

Their idea of a bat this price is so that we can use our savings on a post match beverage!

This affiliation means that if people buy the bat using the link below we should as a club get £10 a bat!


 click here for their site Village Cricket Co 




☝️ This is us. Freddie & George, founders of Village Cricket Co. Just after I (Freddie) had made 175 on what was a classic English day of village cricket (as you can tell by how wet the ground is).

Fast forward a couple of years and that bat broke. So I was on the hunt for a new one and was blown away with how high the cost of bats had got, pushing £300-400 for what was a pretty standard bat.

Surely there was something that could be done.

So the research began. The entire bat making process from growing the willow trees, choosing the right time to chop them down, whilst always replacing them to ensure sustainability to joining the bat handle and applying the finishing touches.

I won't bore you with all of that. 

What I'll do is present you the result:The Village Cricket Bat. The very bat that you should now have in your hands.

Enjoy your cricket and spend the savings on a beer on us.



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Who's George?

George has played cricket since he was 7 (helping out his brother’s U11 team).

A classic pace bowler who loves the occasional (or regular) short one to spice things up.

Can bat almost anywhere depending on the situation. Mainly turns up for the banter & post-game beer.


Who's Freddie?

Freddie has been playing cricket since the age of 11.

Never been much of a bowler but became a wicketkeeper by default after filling in one day and diving all over the place.

Fairly quick between the wickets (often to the dismay of his teammates).

Giving Back

We both owe a lot to cricket and our cricket club (Great Baddow CC), from lifelong friendships to the best of memories, we wouldn't change a thing.

Because of this, we felt it only right with Village Cricket Co. to take the opportunity to start giving back.

So for every bat sale, we will be giving 5% of sales back to our local cricket club, Great Baddow CC as well as donating to the Lord Taverners, to give young people a sporting chance.