Guys our nets are now open, following the ECB guidelines on social distancing etc.

If you want to book a net session we are currently booking them through whatsapp. If you don’t have this please leave a message and I can try for you. 🏏



The sun is not helping at the moment. Perfect weather for cricket but as we are still in the process of dealing with COVID we cannot play or train yet. :(

Here is a link to the latest to come out of Dorset. Dorset & ECB update  that tells us that we have to be a little more patient before we can use the nets.




With what is currently going on around the country and the world, who knows when we may be able to start playing again.

In the mean time keep sharing on the group pages and keep in contact and shadow practice until we play.


Here is the link to the ECB page https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/1646355/ecb-statement-on-the-recreational-game as and when we receive any updates we will let you know.