Stour Provost CC Cricket rota 2023


If there are any blank dates here that you can help with please contact Mandy Jones who can update it, thank you!



Tea Volunteer

14th May


Lizzie Forrester & Poppy Valentine 

21st May

Yeovil Panthers

Paul Carter & Gill Rabbets 

28th May

Cheyne School

Mandy Jones

4th June

Wriggle Valley

Cameron Cudlipp  

11th June


Veronica Balchin & Jo Bishop

18th June

Dorset Wanderers

Claire Heasman & Sue Carter

25th June

Penarth Sports Cardiff

Cameron Cudlipp 

16th July


Rich Atkinson + AN other 

30th July


Matt Whitfield 

13th August


Will Fryer

3rd September

Presidents Game

Mandy Jones

Suggestions for Teas (you do not have to do all of it and of course you can add anything you would like):

  • 4 or 5 different sandwiches (roughly 2.5 loaves – half a loaf for each type.)
  • 4 or 5 cakes/cookies etc
  • Crisps
  • Sausage rolls/cocktail sausages/savoury eggs/quiche/pizza/vegetarian snacks
  • Milk (suggestion 2 pints although sometimes more is needed)
  • Tea towels and if wanted a hand towel

Tea, squash and sugar will always be in the pavilion (please let me know if they have run out and Mandy will restock).

We have jugs, small plate, cups, plastic cups and some larger plates for cakes to go on.  We also have one knife to cut the cakes.

The parish council provide washing up liquid (please let me know if this runs out as I can arrange replacement).

Please remember to empty the urn at the end of teas and rinse it around with cold water.

Thank you all for volunteering.  Remember to claim your tea money, £40, especially if you are doing more than one!